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With this wine, the Domblasco winery wants to pay homage to a good man who dedicated part of his best years to this family, with his work and affection, which far surpassed the work relationship, Bonifacio Lobato, "Facio" as he was known by those of us who had the good fortune to know him.

From a young age, he accompanied his father in the work he did for my great-grandfather Juan "El Boticario" in the winery and other agricultural work. After his adolescence, Facio started a family and in spite of having to leave the town to work in the neighbouring towns as a breeder-reaper, he was always linked to my family helping my grandfather León in the field, especially in the winery. He even accompanied him in the last moments of his short life, when death surprised him suffering from a heart disease.

The post-war years were difficult. Hunger especially punished the most disadvantaged classes, as was the case of Facio, which forced them to seek sustenance for their family in any way. The winter was especially hard. The Extremadura fields offered few possibilities, which were reduced to the production of acorns, used to feed the pigs. The theft of the acorns was closely watched and punished and Facio had to suffer some of these "exemplary" punishments. These calamities and others, were left behind when my father, "the apothecary" took him permanently into the winery, where he lived with his family for many years. Facio lived in Domblasco the best years of his life, prospering his family with his work and defending the interests of my father who treated him more like a son than as a boss. Facio slept in a "straw jargon" (a large sack used to contain straw before the days of bailers) with his wife, Pepa, where today the wine rests to mature further once bottled. Facio's dreams are felt in the silence that surrounds the room. Dreams that serve to give the name to the best wine of the winery, which with it wants to perpetuate his memory. The "Dream of Facio" is nothing but an acknowledgment of his commitment and dedication to my family.


Sueño de Facio (Facio's Dream) is left to mature for 1 year in the clay jars and then 6 months of aging in French oak barrels.

It is produced with grapes 50% Garnacha and 50% Petit Verdot.

It is an atypical wine with a personality that is characterized by its cherry red color of middle layer, burgundy border; a clean and bright color.

It is a red, intense and complex; it benefits from limestone and slate soils instead of the usual clay, of an altitude of 600 meters, with higher rainfall than the average, and a successful set of varietals that manages to agglutinate fruit, freshness and power.

The wine has a strong emotional and sensitive charge under its mantle of black and red fruit, well matured, tinged with sharp spices, notes of underbrush and forest. In the mouth, unctuous, it shows its excellent structure with the tasty impact of an acidity that enhances and lengthens the broad fruity aftertaste.

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